Sage Technical Services - Misrepresented employment

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Went to work an Sage Technical Services, Blackfoot Idaho, on 06-11-2012, as a custodian/secretary.That alone should have warned me off, but it didn't.

Filled out employment papers, like normal. I was told I'd be working part time, $8.00 an hour, for a probationary period of 4 weeks. I'd then get a raise to $8.50 an hour, and in another 4 weeks, when I started taking on more responsibilities, I would go up to $9.00 an hour. On Wednesday, 06-13-12 the secretary, Audra, told me they had no idea how they were going to pay me.

When Friday, 06-15-2012, came around, Lynn, the manager or that office, told me that I was a "private contractor", no taxes taken out of pay, no workers compensation, on unemployment benefits. I was also informed that the length of my probationary perioc would be decided by Lynn, and would be at least 3 months before I saw even the first raise. If that wasn't bad enough. they attempted to pay me with a personal, out of state check that I cannot get cashed anywhere.

All I want is my 6.5 hours of pay ($8.00 per hour) as promised. When I told Lynn that I could not get the check cashed anywhere, he told me that that is how they pay their "private contractors" and that it was my problem. I gave him back his check (I did keep a copy for myself), and left.

I know I got shafted big time, I don't think they ever planned to promote me up to anything, or give me any raises.It was just a ploy to get someone who's been unemployed for over 1 1/2 years to work for nothing.

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Sage Technical Services - CDL Driving School

Missoula, Montana 1 comment

I was an employee in the Grand Junction location.I noticed that the students were not getting the full traning that they had paid for.

The students were always needing more drive time to achieve their CDL license, at that point they would have to pay for more drive time. They did not pay their employees what they were worth so therefore all of the employees were never happy with their jobs, and that would reflect on the students and their achievement to receive their CDLs. The turnover rate for employees was very high since the school does not take care of them.

Management would take bonuses away from employees for no reason or would withhold bonuses to keep as payment on any training that they had received for the job and that is not ethical treatment of employees. Management also would short the pay checks and you would have to make sure they were right all the time.

Sage advertises that they have state of the art trucks, the trucks are so old that they are always in the shop, they had received a truck from another school that was completely unsafe to drive.

This truck had been in the shop for a number of safety reasons and they still put the truck on the road with the students driving it on the road.

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Tinton Falls, New Jersey, United States #1301442

Sounds like a poor employee who did not understand what a good school does.Sage has trained thousands of drivers sucessfully and has a great reputation from companies that hire drivers.

This site mostly has complainers who dont get along with anyone.Sad.

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